Car boot entrance

Seller Guidlines

All sellers are welcomed to our friendly and fun for all the family car boot sale held every Wednesday from 07:00am to 12:30pm at Badsey lane, Knowle Hill, Evesham WR11 7EN. Pitches are allocated on a first come first served basis. Pitches are available on the day but you can also secure your place by contacting me, Elisha, on 07773435688

Sellers rates.

£6.00 per car and £8.00 per van. (20 percent discount for charities)

Sellers do's and don'ts

Please Do;

Follow all instructions given to you by the event staff.

Drive slowly when approaching the venue, look out for pedestrians and small children in the area.

Arrive in plenty of time to set up but not before the allocated setup time.

Ask for our advise if you are new to car booting or are unsure about anything on the day.

Bring plenty of change with you. The first customer is sure to pay you with a £10 note.

Display clear pricing and decide how much you intend to charge for your goods before you start to sell

Events can get very busy and having your prices set out early on can save mistakes if you are dealing with several Buyers at the same time

Display your contact information – you’ve paid for the space so make it work for you.

Describe accurately, the condition of your goods, for example; if working or for spares or repairs.

Misleading a buyer can lead you being held liable, be honest about the condition and state of any items.

Abide by our prohibited sale items.

Please Don’t;

Obstruct any other Sellers vehicles with your own vehicle.

Setup your items beyond the area allocated to you

Sell any items from the above restricted items list

A valid food handling certificate or equivalent should be displayed by persons selling homemade food stuffs – it is the sole responsibility of the Seller to ensure relevant compliance with vending and food handling law

Leave before the stated finish time, in doing so will cause disruption and inconvenience to Buyers and fellow Sellers.

Leave any rubbish, boxes, packaging materials or unwanted stock behind.

Everyone attending an event is a potential customer, engage with them, our events are very friendly and communication with a little humour goes a long way to getting a sale.
Most importantly, enjoy yourself and if you do, please ‘like’ us on Facebook and tell all your friends. If you don’t enjoy our event or have any suggestions please talk to us

Whilst all our events are fully covered by public liability insurance, cover for third party property, stock and valuables is not provided.
Commercial traders are advised that it is their own responsibility to obtain their own public liability insurance cover. We reserve the right to request evidence that appropriate cover is in place
We also recommend that private Car Boot Sellers, although not required to do so, have their own liability and valuables insurance cover for their own protection.