Restricted items

Knowle Hill Car boot sale is a fun morning out for both buyers and sellers. We want all our visitors to continue to have a great time with us every Wednesday morning at our car boot sale. To ensure that, we have a policy and common sense approach to restricted items that should not be sold at our car boot events. 

Sellers are politely requested not to bring or sell the following items to the venue.


1 Stolen Goods
2 Firearms - Guns or Ammunition
3 Live Stock - Pets or animals
4 Pornographic Material
5 Banned or controlled substances
6 Illicit items
7 Counterfeit Goods
8 Tobacco or Cigarettes


Unfortunately, any person found attempting to sell, selling or in possession of any of the above items will be requested to leave as of immediate effect and will be refused entry to any further events. No refund will be given regarding the pitch hire to any person or persons found to be in contravention of restricted items.